A Typical School Day

School days are long and tiring.  The first thing I do is wake up at 6:45 and get right in the shower.  The warm water helps to wake me up.  After this I brush my teeth and get dressed.  If theres any spare time, I’l mess around on the computer or something.  I usually don’t eat breakfast, just because then I would have to re-brush my teeth.  School Starts at 7:53 so I’m out the door by 7:30.  I drive to school and usually get there with just enough time to run to my locker and slide right into class exactly on time. 

I have eight periods a day, that each last approximately 40 minutes.  I start off in biology, followed by computer, lab or gym (depending on the day of the week), then history, followed by music theory, then french, then calculus, followed by concert band, and finally english.  English is just a terrible eighth period class because its so boring.  School ends at 3:04 and as soon as that bell rings, I’m out the door.  Usually, however, I’m not going home yet because I have some sort of after school activity.  I’m in about every music activity there is to be in so I’m always here doing something after school.  But after all my after school things are done, I can finally just go home and relax…. only to get up the next morning and do it all over again.

A Story In Pictures

Commenting Guidlines

Its not really a big deal to me what anybody posts as comments.  I think you should write what you feel like writing.  I won’t be offended or anything by what you say.  Of course there are the obvious, like no profanity, but other than that say what you want.  I’m looking forward to hearing your comments!

What Exactly Is There To Do In PA?

Honestly, theres not much to do.  I mean its just mostly farmland and small towns.  Sure theres big places like Pittsburgh, Harrisburg, and Philadelphia, but I’ve only ever been to Pittsburgh.  I guess there’s exciting things like Hershey and stuff, but still not that exciting. 

What catches my attention in PA is the snow.  I love the snow and snowboard, and according to Transworld Snowboarding magazine, Seven Springs resort in PA takes number one on the east coast for best parks, pipes, features for snowboarding.   Its really great.  Its a really fun, and now famous place to visit if you love snowboarding as much as I do.

Seven Springs


If your not a winter sports person, there are also a few other things to do in Pennsylvania.  There are hundreds of meaningless things to do on your visit to PA.    A few are listed on the link below:



Hopefully the information I have provided will at least give you an idea of some things to do if you ever visit PA.

All Around the World

There are so many students on student challenges from all over the world.  I have so many qhestions to ask to kids from all of these countries.

Australia, Canada, U.S.A,  New Zealand, United Kingdom, Thailand, Singapore, Scotland, Portugal, Indonesia, Argentina, Spain, Norway and Germany

Australia: Do your toilets really flush in the opposite direction than ours in the U.S.A. do?

Canada: Do people come down to the U.S.A. alot since we are so close.  I know alot of people that go up to Canada for vacation.

U.S.A.: Well theres not much to ask since I live here.

New Zealand: What kind of climate do you have in New Zealand?

United Kingdom: Does almost everybody get into soccer games, as Americans do with american football games?

Thailand: What are some interesting foods you eat?

Singapore: Where is Singapore exactly and what language do you speak?

Scotland: What is the population of Scotland?

Portugal: What kind of food do you eat?  Is it very similar to spanish cooking?

Indonesia: What are some significant things you do in your religion?

Argentina: What is the most exciting thing to do in Argentina?

Spain: What is the best food to eat in Spain?

Norway: What is the time difference between Norway and the U.S.A.

Germany: Is it true that you have paprika on the table as well as salt and pepper?


Personal Photos On Your Blog?

Placing your own, personal photos of yourself on your blog is a decision totally up to you.  However, whether it is smart to do so or not is another question.  Pictures posted on your blog are open to almost anyone.  The dangers of personal photos are almost endless.   Our world today is unfortunately filled with all kinds of internet creepers and stalkers that do crazy things.

You can do almost anything you want on the internet today.  If you have photos anywhere on the internet, it is as easy for some to go onto your profile and save the picture to their own desktop and use it however they wish.  I have a friend that had this problem.  He has some photos of himself on myspace and an internet hacker looked at his pictures and saved some of them.  The hacker then went on to use these photos to create a fake myspace account, pretending to be my friend, and used this account to harrass other people under my friends name.  It got to the point where the cops had to get involved.  Almost anything can be dont with the pictures you post, so be careful.

Pictures can be appropriate, maybe, if it is a private account.  Even this is not always safe though, when “private” accounts aren’t always private.  I will admit, it is so nice to post pictures on to facebook and share them with friends, but sometimes the risks are great.  I personally have many photos on facebook, yet anything could happen with those and I have no idea who is even looking at them.  There are always risks and benefits to things in life, and as for posting personal pictures, the decision is up to you.

Be Open Minded!

There are many things you learn in school, but there are dozens of lessons you can also learn outside of school.  Being around all your close friends and school and never really being exposed to new people can really make a wall between you and new or strange people.  Last year I went to a summer camp where I knew absolutely no one.  It was definately a pretty scary experience.  What I realized is that you have to be open minded and try to meet new people.  If you just take the chance to talk to people, you will probably find out that you have more in common with them than you maybe thought.  In order to succeed in making new friends and meeting new people, you must be open minded.

Why Read My Blog?

Read My Blog!  It will soon be filled extremely interesting things that you are definately gonna want to read.  I am a very interesting person and would love to share things about me and my school to the world.  Even though this blog is a school computer class assignment, I would like to use it to spread interesting knowledge and ideas on different subject.  You would definately be missing out if you didn’t regularly read this blog.

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